Unity in diversity, diversity in unity

Erasmus Student Network SGH is one of many organizations operating at SGH Warsaw School of Economics. Our main task is to help foreign students adapt at school, get to know a new place and discover Polish culture.

On a daily basis, we cooperate with SGH International Centre, a school body that completes all the formalities related to student exchanges. Every semester between 250 and 350 foreign students come to us. The period before and just after their arrival is the most intense for us – we help at least one Erasmus student every day.

We are distinguished by our openness and kindness in dealing with others. Our motto also includes mutual development and assistance to members in achieving their personal goals.

Our projects provide an opportunity to meet new people, develop skills, improve languages and prepare for future teamwork at the business level.

We are constantly trying to improve the quality of work in our organization, which allowed us to create an environment that simulates the activities of a medium-sized enterprise, and our work every semester is appreciated by the next year’s students.

The Board of the ESN SGH Association

Dominika Wyczachowska

The President
m: president.sgh@esn.pl

Ola Kuśmierska

The Member of the Board - Project Manager
m: pm.sgh@esn.pl

Mikołaj Nogal

The Member of the Board - Administrator
m: admin.sgh@esn.pl

Basia Jabłońska

The Member of the Board - HR Manager
m: hr.sgh@esn.pl

Borys Sośnicki

The Member of the Board - CFO
m: treasurer.sgh@esn.pl

Monika Godyń

The Member of the Board - Communication Manager
m: pr.sgh@esn.pl

Honorary member of the ESN SGH Association

Pola Duchowska

Honorary Member

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